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SEC Adds Fraud Charges In Centra Tech's $32M ICO Bust

A Wave of Lawsuits Looms For ICO Version 1.0 - Are You Prepared?
Silicon Valley Crypto Investors Asked SEC To Not Categorize ICO Tokens As Security

Silicon Valley venture capital firms Andreessen Horowitz and Union Square Ventures have reportedly urged the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) to take an industry-friendly approach to initial coin offering (ICO) regulations

Louisiana Mayor Proposes Municipal Cryptocurrency And ICO

Joel Robideaux, the mayor-president of the Louisiana city of Lafayette, has urged the parish government to build their own cryptocurrency and to launch an initial coin offering (ICO

In his annual speech at the Heymann Center, Robideaux said he wants to position Lafayette, with its population of 127,626, as a technological...

The Legal Requirements For A Compliant ICO In The US Are Unclear - Dror Futter

Naturally, that bully pulpit provides a vehicle for some strong opinions on the state of blockchain...

8Base Creates Blockchain App Development For Dummies - Or Even You

The company is founded by Albert Santalo, who...

Vietnamese Crypto Firm Duped Investors Of $660M USD In ICOs

Modern Tech, a Vietnamese IT firm, has gone silent after allegedly deceiving 32,000 people into investing an estimated VND15 trillion ($660M USD) into two fake initial coin offerings (ICO

Ifan and Pincoin were allegedly multi-level marketing Ponzi schemes under the control of Ho Chi Minh City's Modern Tech. Ifan, which is...

ICO Market: "More Regulators Will Become Active In The Space" - William Pao

The Securities and Exchange commission and other government regulatory bodies in the US and elsewhere are turning an increasingly critical eye on initial coin offerings (ICO), the investment vehicle that allows fundraising without surrendering equity. Recently, the SEC charged the two owners of Centra, a company endorsed by boxing champion...

Pakistan Bans Banks From Cryptocurrency And ICO Transactions

The State Bank of Pakistan (SBP), the country's central bank, has banned banks and other financial services providers from serving crypto-related businesses

In an official notice posted on its website, the SBP advised the general public that it regulates both domestic and international payment and money transfer services. It clarified that...

Ontario Securities Commission Probing Unauthorized Cryptocurrency Trading Platforms

The Ontario Securities Commission (OSC) in Canada is investigating several cryptocurrency trading platforms after receiving a number of complaints

The OSC said Friday that cryptocurrency exchanges, where the digital tokens are bought and sold, may fall afoul of securities laws. The regulator said that any platform that offers this type of...