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Quick Description

Belacam is a photo sharing site like Instagram where you get paid around $.05 in Bela for each like your photo gets. You can withdraw that money or use it to like other users' photos.

At a Glance...

Symbol BELA
Start Date N/A
End Date May 31, 2018
US Participation
Offering Type Blockchain to ERC20 Swap
Project Type
Total Supply
Website Website
Whitepaper White Paper

ICO Project Links

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Team Members

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Latest BlockTribune News about Bela

Poloniex Exchange De-Lists BELA Coin As It Switches To New Token

The Poloniex exchange has de-listed the BELA legacy coin, as the photo-sharing service switches over from its old blockchain tokens to a new ERC-20 token

The BELA legacy coin was originally part of a blockchain-based Litecoin fork. In April, the Bela service switched from that to the ERC-20 tokens, and began...

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